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Nursing Employment Agency that places Registered, Specialist & Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Assistants/ Caregivers in health Care facilities throughout the Massachusetts.

Why Choose Yamba Care

At Yamba Care, we are ready RIGHT now to supply your aged care or hospital facility with quality registered nurses and care staff. Every day we meet our client’s nursing recruitment and staffing needs by providing temporary or full-time nursing and aged care staff to facilities across the USA.
Elderly Care
Medical social workers
Skilled Nursing
Occupational Therapy
Health Care
Advanced care RNs

When you work with Yamba Care, you can be assured of

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service to ensure you enjoy your work experience through us. There are many reasons why you should join us and we have listed some of these below.
We always provide the highest level of service to our nurses/caregivers and to the health care facilities we serve. All our recruitment consultants are very professional and customer-focused. Nurses, carers, and hospital managers are given the utmost respect and we do all we can to ensure that your experience with Yamba Care is of the highest quality. We assist you as much as possible so that you can focus on your chosen nursing or caring position.
We ensure that all our nurses and carers get the best positions and in the widest range of locations across the country. This is achieved by: Having long-established working relationships with a large number of hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country. Yamba Care’s selection as one of the “Preferred Providers” of nursing personnel to most state and territory government Health Departments across the country and several Public and private healthcare organizations. Being one of the “Preferred Providers” means that positions that arise in these locations can first be offered to our staff.
03. Incentives for Nurses
Free Uniforms Referral fees for introduction of other Nurses/Caregivers Bonus incentives for country placements in some states and territories Weekly Pays by electronic transfer directly into your Bank Account. Training and Staff Development Courses paid for (or heavily subsidized)

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Post your available shifts, review candidates, and choose the right fit for your openings in less than 24 hours.

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